Saturday, January 22, 2011

Routeburn Track

We just finished a marvelous and languid three day hike from Glenorchy to the Milford Sound vicinity along the Routeburn track.  Weather was good, though clouds hid the glaciers and tops of the big peaks. The forest was simply magnificent.  What a treat! 
Approaching Glenorchy and the start of the Routeburn

Along the Route burn itself ("Burn" means river valley and this one was used by the Maori for trading jade.

As we climbed towards our first night at the Routeburn Falls Hut, there was a great view to the "Flats" below.

Margaret and Galen enjoying the falls.

The second day was above treeline all day

Adam and Galen approaching Harris Saddle.

Looking down on Harris Lake

Harris Lake from Conical Hill.

The Hollyford River Valley is far below.

MacKenzie Hut, shelter for our second night.

The forest was simply fantastic, draped deeply in moss.

The rocky, morrainal shore of MacKenzie Lake.

Our third day crossed a forest of Red Beach trees, bearded in moss. Behind lie the Darran Mts.

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