Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Haast & Cross Canyons

The rainforest around Haast was incredibly lush
1/16/11 - Haast was underwhelming, but we enjoyed two short hikes: Mataketake Dune Walk, through rain-forest by the beach and Kahikatea Swamp Forest Walk along a boardwalk above murky tannic waters. On the drive back east, we later explored Cross Creek, a great canyoneering adventure which required warmer wetsuits than we could rent.
This small lake is captured by an old sand dune - now covered with rainforest.

The Tasman sea crashed loudly on the nearby beach

This and the next shot is from the Kahikatea Swamp Forest 

A fall in Cross Creek near Haast Pass.

Galen thought it was beautiful...

... as did I.

Lake Wanaka as viewed from the drive back from Haast Pass.

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  1. one of these lifetimes, we have to take this trip...all of us! these pics are amazing. ~steveT