Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brisbane at Last!

1/23/11 We arrived in Brisbane about 5 days after the flood peaked and it was incredible to see how much work had already been done to clean up the city!  In most areas, you could see nothing amiss. In our West End neighborhood, however, cleanup was still progressing.
From a trail near the river, I'm pointing to garbage and dead foliage stuck high above my head in the foliage of a tree. The water crested 4.5 meters over the top of the gage.
This sign was knocked over by the flood and has detritus stuck up high.
But the Australians seem to know how to take these knocks in stride - tomorrow is Australia Day, apparently time to celebrate by drinking vast quantities of beer.
This is just a random piece of street art (on a power transformer) which captured by interest during our walk around Brisbane yesterday.

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  1. love the pic of you with the sign, leah....sometimes you simply "get it" like few i've ever seen. awesome! ~steveT