Saturday, January 22, 2011

Milford Sound

Expectations were very high, but exceeded none-the-less.  Milford Sound is absolutely incredible!  Alas, the pictures don't capture the grandeur at all.  Mitre Peak, for example, rises almost 6000' straight from the sea!
When we arrived, mists engulf the summit of Mitre Peak.

Soon we boarded the Wanderer and toured some of the 1000 waterfalls which enter the sound. 

As the ship anchored for the night, Adam, Margaret and I took out kayaks and spent an hour paddling happily for close-up views. 

Leah, instead, went swimming in the frigid waters - repeatedly jumping off the top deck of the ship.

The mists thinned in the morning and we were treated to an amazing sunrise on the peaks above.

The Captain took us out into the Tasman Sea for a view back down the fiord.

A classic view of the sound, with Mitre Peak on the left.

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  1. Spectacular. Weather has been great here in Sydney, hope Brisbane's weather treats you as well.