Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grand Canyon (Blue Mts)

With our apt in Brisbane uninhabitable from the floods, we flew to Sydney, and drove to the Blue Mts for three days of canyoneering.  It was fantastic!
As we approached the "Grand Canyon" the shrub transformed into incredibly verdant rainforest.
Adam starts to abseil into the canyon
Margaret starting the descent
Galen looks down the overhang

The canyon was incredibly lush

Swim, scramble, repeat.

At one point a slender beam of light illuminated a tiny corner of the canyon.

After the long hike upwards, we enjoyed expansive views from Echo Point.

...and an amazing sunset on our drive to Lithgow.

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  1. that sunset is about as remarkable as it gets...and you were there to watch it happen. very cool. ~steveT