Monday, January 17, 2011

Canyoneering "Big Nige"

1/17/11 On the drive to Deep Nige, we had a serious "Sheep Crossing". Our car was soon surrounded like the one in front of us. 
This photo of me was taken by our guide, Craig, from Deep Canyon in Wanaka.

Margaret, just staring a rappel. 

Adam, near the end of a big drop.

Galen, emerging from the spray.

Leah, with a big smile from the very wet rappel.

My favorite photo of the day - Adam, behind a waterfall.

Margaret, at a dodgey spot.

Galen, in his element

Leah, starting a fun rappel, which turns into a slide off the rope into the pool below.

Adam, in the midst of a huge jump (hard to capture on film).

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