Monday, January 31, 2011

Hogwarts Academy...?

No castle; no potions or parseltongue, but as Adam, Galen and Leah walked to their first day at Brisbane State High School (surrounded by 100s of other uniformed kids) it seemed closer to JK Rowling's universe than to Seattle Schools.

Ok, we all know that it's really just the British influence on Australian schools, which also flavored Rowling's writings, but I couldn't help myself. There really are prefects with extra privileges and responsibilities and special coats with status-denoting "pockets." All the other schools have their own uniforms and their own color schemes; each group of kids was bustling to their own school at roughly the same time in the morning. So as we passed a mob of girls all dressed in green, I muttered "Slytherin!"

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  1.! I LOVE IT!!! leah, granger, danger aint got nothing on you, babe and adam that sultry look with those knee socks really kicks it, pal. i love your muttered war cry dan. awesome! ;-) ~steveT