Sunday, March 6, 2011

Olivia and Stephanie's Visit

2/19-28/11 Since before her tearful departure from Seattle, Leah has been anticipating the visit by her good friends Olivia and Stephanie. I have to say that it was every bit of a fantastic hit as she hoped. Right after picking them up from the airport, we drove N to the Sunshine Coast - with the girls chattering excitedly in the car the whole way. On Tues and Wed, the girls dressed in uniforms and went to school with Leah. Together, they held a Koala at the Lone Pine Reserve. Then, on the final weekend, we drove S to the Gold Coast, visited Olivia's aunt Barbara and hiked in Springbrook and Lamington National Parks. 
Yes, we want to bring a Koala home, but I'm afraid that Customs will check our bags...

A pair of Ibises stalked fish just a few feet from our cabin by the Balina beach.

Can you believe such an incredible beach with no one on it?

This is the incredible (if unimaginably named) "Natural Bridge" in Springbrook Nat'l Park.

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