Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cookbook Climbing

2/20/11 At a whopping 364m, mighty Mt Tibrogargan was today’s destination and it nearly defeated us. Located in the absurdly steep Glass House Mountains north of Brisbane, Tibrogargan baked in the sun.  Hoping for cooler temperatures, we had foolishly waited until late afternoon for our ascent – unaware that the class 4 scrambling route ascended the exposed west face.  As we started the adventure, I wondered if the day’s blazing heat had produced enough  thermal energy to return the igneous boulders to their original, molten form?  Clambering upwards, our palms were repeatedly seared as we grasped holds on the dark volcanic cliff.  “Baking sun” seemed the obvious phrase, but half-way up I realized that it wasn’t at all appropriate.   Rather, this climb resembled some newfangled sous vide cooking – the humidity was so high that I was continually basted in a salty jus.

Eventually, of course, we reached the pinnacle’s top and savored splendid views of Tibrogargan's shadow on the surrounding plains as well as the nearby expanse of the Sunshine Coast.  As the sun set, the temperature relented and the descent was actually quite pleasant. But next time, I’ll time the climb for early morning. 

The Glass House mts are steep!
Margaret pauses to cool her hands.

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  1. galen, that pic of you in the glass mountains is about as cool as it gets. i may have to print that one, pal. only...what did you do with adam? i'm concerned ;-) ~steveT