Friday, March 25, 2011

Kangaroos in the Mist

Leveraging two business trips, Margaret and I met in Melbourne last Friday for a wonderful date weekend.  Renting a tiny car, we drove to the Grampian Mountains through increasingly wild range lands dotted by scattered sheep and ruminating cattle. Blue haze hung from eucalyptus trees. After a stunning sunset, we arrived in the small village of Halls Gap with the full moon washing the sandstone cliffs above our honeymoon cottage.

Waking up the next morning, we gazed across the misty field to see a mob of kangaroos grazing in the meadow. As we snuck closer a few bounced off with their outrageous and effortless jumps. Later that morning, while driving to our hike, we saw a pair of wild Emus cantering across another field.  And then as we stomped thru some exotic scenery on our way up Mt Stapleton, we flushed rock wallabies from the bush. Totally cool!

The scenery was also magnificent. Exposed slickrock had eroded to look like twisted elephant hide. Massive ferns and leathery leafed plants mixed with delicate flowers. Beehive falls tricked down a mossy cliff, coyly denying the majesty which it must command during “The wet.”

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  1. these pics are breathtaking. that "kangaroos in the mist" photo will stick with me for a very long time. the contrasts in moods and colors is nothing short of striking. ~steveT