Tuesday, June 7, 2011


(5/28/11) It seems as if Uluru, formerly known as "Ayers Rock" occupies an almost mythical spot in the Australian consciousness, and from what we had heard, a pilgrimage was mandatory. It did not disappoint. Rising over 1000' from featureless plains, the rock glows a deep burnished red even under the noontime sun. But at dawn and dusk, when low angles through the earth's atmosphere concentrate amber rays, the sandstone monolith emits a magical luminous radiance.
I'd seen photos like this before, but always assumed that someone had used photoshop to increase the saturation... Not necessary. 

As we walked part-way around the base (full circumference is 8km) the textures were amazing
I wanted to explore every nook and cranny, but we were short on time.

The climb to the top appears daunting from below - you can barely see the people at the picture's top, but they are far from the summit.

Climbing Uluru is not a solitary experience. 

The imagery becomes surreal as you reach the huge summit plateau; there's still a ways to go...

Our family on top: Galen, Adam, Dan, Margaret, Leah, Kathy & Sheldon

You don't want to get dizzy on the descent!

On the last steps back to the ground I got my favorite view - it feels more intimate - and just as the magic hour is hitting.

End to a great day!

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  1. wow! amazing pics. seriously. i think when you get back home you're gonna have to have a night where you show slides and narrate. i could soak about as much of this in as you could throw at me.