Friday, May 20, 2011

Ubud's Monkey Forest

(4/16/11 Ubud, Bali). Although twenty years had passed, both Margaret and I had fond memories of Ubud's Monkey Forest; so naturally, we wanted to take the kids to this magical realm and introduce them to its mischievous denizens. The photos tell the tale...

Cloaked in luxuriant rainforest, the ornate temple is inhabited by a troupe of  Balinese long-tailed macaque.

The photo opportunities were fantastic, since the monkeys were used to humans. 

So Adam wasted no time....

Nor did the monkey

Both Adam and the monkey seem content, but in fact the monkey was restless, and so...

It jumped!

Leah's not quite sure what to do...

because its claws tickled...

and it was very curious about her earrings. 
This little guy was very cute.

And we saw several happy and well-adjusted families.

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  1. awesome! got some new pics of my buddies down under monkeyin' around. thanks, dan! ~steveT