Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anticipating Seattle

Ok, we actually just arrived home this weekend, but on (7/3/11) Margaret writes: As the sun sets over my last weekend in Brisbane, I’ve been reflecting on our stay here. It’s been an amazing ride!

What I’ll miss most about Brisbane

  • Leading a life that’s not perpetually on the brink of out-of-control
  • Time to think and to follow my own priorities rather than someone else’s
  • Claire Wainwright and my other new friends and colleagues
  • Watching our kids make friends and expand their views of the world
  • Great family time
  • Sun, sun, sun!
  • Awesome adventures in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Russia
  • Living in a squeaky clean modern apartment with a pool and gym, 5 minutes from trendy cafes and restaurants and Coles (the QFC of Brisbane)
  • The Saturday farmers’ market at Davies Park
  • Cooking almost all our dinners on the “barbie,” eating on the deck and watching the incredible view of the city
  • Fantastic coffee on every corner (puts Seattle to shame!)
  • Cycling, walking or taking the bus everywhere

What I’m most looking forward to when we return:

  • Reuniting with our friends and colleagues!!!!!!!!
  • Being close to those I love in troubled times (and good times)
  • Our big, beautiful house (though it is ridiculously big) and Lake Washington
  • Our cats
  • Lots of hiking in our incredible mountains
  • Long summer days
  • Keeping that sabbatical energy and perspective with me for the long haul

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  1. Talking of brink-of-out-of-control, I hope the thrills of deficit ceiling cliff hangers will in some measure make-up for the sedate down-under blues.

    Welcome back! Here is to you all keeping your incredible sabbatical memories and energies for a long time to come.

    yours enviously